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PS505 is a technologically advanced automated packaging system capable of packing at high speeds with flexibility, realibility and accuracy. PS505 is simple to use and set up and provides quick scalability with low footprints and minimal IT integration.

The automated bagging system enables automatic labeling, filling and sealing and is easy to use with its advanced dashboard and interactive auto touch control screen. All features of the system are designed for maximum uptime and optimising packaging throughput.

The system utilises next bag out technology through Bag on Roll to increase convenience and minimise wastage. The bags can be customised to suit specific sizes and brand name can be pre-printed on the bags as per requirement. It can be also be integrated with a high speed industrial printer capable of automatically printing barcodes or shipping labels directly on top of the bags to make shipping ready.

PS505 is extremely affordable with +ROI within 15-18months and enhanced savings over the lifetime of the product.

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