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Automated Bagging Systems


PACKiT offers wide variety of automatic bagging systems which offers a cost effective way to package accurately and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

Improves Productivity – with a speed of approx, 5sec/order the system improves the productivity significantly over manual operations and can effectively replace 8 workers.

Compact  – compact footprint to minimize floor space

Safe & Ergonomic – the system is designed with few moving parts and has an innovative and safe design. It provides unobstructed access to the open bag facilitating faster, more ergonomic loading

Automatic Labeling – labels with high resolution text, graphics, and bar codes are pasted directly on the bag, eliminating the need for separate labeling operation

Maximum Uptime – onboard diagnostics and modular components ensure maximum uptime

Low Ownership Cost – the system features a simple design reducing lifetime cost and improving uptime. Thus providing excellent Returns on investment

More Bag Size Options – Scope of Width: 200-500mm, Scope of Length: 350mm-700mm 










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